Success Stories

Acupuncture helps you feel good.  It decreases pain, calms your nervous system and turns down the noise of daily life.    

Frozen Shoulder Pain & Home Visit

When I started my acupuncture with Thia, I couldn’t lift my arm above my head. Now I can and my neck doesn’t crack all the time like it used to. She has also helped me reduce my hot flashes. In the past year, I have had cornea replacement surgery in both eyes, and have not been able to drive so she comes to my house to give me acupuncture and massage. I am very grateful for all her expertise and her care for my health.

Louette M.

Help For A Musician

Thia Hoff listens. She listens to you, the client/patient, to understand where you are, what you are experiencing and devise a best treatment for you. That is the most important attribute a healthcare practitioner can have in my book, and Thia has it in spades!

I’ve received many benefits from acupuncture and herbs. I feel the energy being stimulated in my body during and after a treatment from Thia. I’ve been treated for broken bones, sore muscles, stress, and leg cramps.

The Rx for my broken toe helped the healing and reduced the pain during the 6 week bone knitting. And the added Trauma Oil helped reduce area pain and it smelled good too!

As a saxophone player who wears her instrument around her neck, I’ve had tight neck muscles for many years. An acupuncture treatment helps reduce the tightness accompanied by stretches and periodic chiropractic adjustments.

Stress is a daily fixture in almost everyone’s lives. Thia makes it a regular part of her treatment on me and I always leave a session feeling more calm and at peace.

Mary Ellen G.

Eye Care Workshop

Thanks for that fabulous workshop, I’ve gotten great feedback from all the participants and personally, it was just what I was hoping for. You presented the information and exercises very clearly and I appreciated your gentle humor and easy delivery. You had a really nice rapport with the group, everyone seemed comfortable trying out the various techniques. I was impressed with your range of knowledge, it increased my understanding of how my body works. And now I have a very doable daily program for maintaining the health of my eyes and vision, which, as I age, is increasingly important to me.

Courtney F.
(organizer for Vision Care Workshop for women over 50)

I found Thia’s eye seminar extremely helpful. I have recently noticed a change in my vision and was interested in strengthening my eyes, so the class was well timed.  Thia came in over a lunch hour and went through a series of exercises and helpful techniques.  She also had a handout for further reference.   I have been using these and I have found my eyes are less fatigued. I even share these tips with patients.   Definitely worth while!

Dr. DeMasi
Healthy Smiles Dental Group

Thia, I attended the brown bag lunch presentation you gave about eye health over a year ago and still find the exercises helpful–am also using good eye drops.  Thank you!

Laurie L.

Eye Care and Qi Gong Classes

I want to send a” thank you” for the workshops you’ve created. The eye muscle strengthening class was and is so beneficial. Being a dental hygienist means focusing for long periods of time and then doing computer work, the eyes get tired. I’ve experienced less eye strain since doing the exercises that you presented. Also, the Qi Gong movements are powerful and so appropriate for slowing down in this fast-paced world. Looking forward to upcoming classes!

Lin T.

Chronic back and hip pain

We are very thankful for you Thia. You have done so much for my mum who has so much pain.  Acupuncture hasn’t taken all the pain away, but she can reduce her medication and that is important for her kidneys.  You really care about  patients and show that in the willingness to go the extra mile.  Since my mum is 87 and on the slow side and seeing you always patient and gentle with her, and your coming to our house! well mom thinks you’re the best and so do we! 

Claudia M. 


When I called Thia I was desperate for help. I was sitting on the sidewalk, devastated because I had peed my pants and couldn’t continue to work.  My job requires me to be outside for 5 hours at a time without a bathroom and I had to pee every 3 minutes! I thought life as I knew it was ending.  I know this sounds melodramatic, but I’m a relatively active woman and I was facing losing my job and needing adult diapers.
I’m menopausal and have type one diabetes, both of which can set the stage for incontinence. Previously, my MD had prescribed a drug that passes the blood/brain barrier and can contribute to dementia – no way was I going to take that!  Plus, the drug only works on the symptoms, not the cause of problem.
Thia called me back almost immediately – maybe she heard the desperation in my voice.  We talked about different strategies and I decided to see her.  After five treatments, I have better bladder control than I’ve had in years!   The effectiveness of the treatments built with every session. I’m able to live and work normally now – Yay!  Thank you Thia! It’s a pleasure to heal with you!

Michelle Q.

I went to Singing Crane in the hopes that acupuncture would help relieve some incontinence issues.  I’ve never had acupuncture before, and Thia was reassuring and spent time working with me to uncover other possibilities for my issue.  In addition to acupuncture, she gave me some great resources that have really helped me get a handle on the incontinence problem. I would highly recommend Singing Crane.  

Jacqueline M. 

Migraine Headaches

By the time I arrived at Thia’s door, I had so much pain and discomfort I could barely function. My entire body felt “out of whack,” despite my best efforts to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, drink water…Nothing was working. I finally made good on past promises to “give acupuncture a try” and scheduled an appointment. During my first visit, Thia carefully and thoughtfully listened to me, asked pertinent questions and discussed various treatment options. I felt like she and I were a team in the quest to restore my health. After that first visit, I had notably more energy, felt less stressed and more comfortable in my body. I felt like my body and I were becoming friends again, instead of combatants. During one session – while I had a migraine (I used to get terrible ones) – Thia placed a needle in a spot that “turned off” my migraine; it was like someone stepped on a water-filled hose, stopping the flow of water (pain). After she removed the needle, I was migraine free for about 20 minutes, and even though the migraine came back, what had been a 6 on the pain scale, was now a 2. As I have a very stressful job, I continue to see Thia as part of my wellness and stress management program. She is thoroughly knowledgeable, insightful and yes, has a good table-side manner too.

Pamela P.


I began acupuncture 8 months ago to treat my chronic insomnia.  It is now completely resolved and I sleep well through the night.  Also, my arthritic knees are vastly improved and no longer hurt during daily activities.  And for many years I have experienced numbness and pain in both hands whenever I gardened and weeded.  To my great surprise, even though Thia hasn’t treated me specifically for this problem, I can now work for hours in the garden and never experience pain and numb fingers!  This is an unexpected–and gratefully received–gift!

Jan R.

Oh my word!!  I slept through the night!!!  I woke up once and fell right back asleep.  Those were like, magic needles.

Lisa Ann K. 

Neck Pain

I came to see Thia for shoulder and neck pain on my right side. I’ve had numerous years of off and on physical therapy and seeing other acupuncturists for my shoulder and neck pain.  Since my accupuncture sessions with Thia, I maintain my range of motion and I’m relatively pain free.  Thia has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share. My favorite part of the session is the sound vibration she creates with the crystal bowls that “sing” for you!

Rose W.

Back Pain

I can’t say enough good things about Thia and acupuncture.  I’m a former skeptic and thought it was nonsense, but I was in so much pain and gave it a try.  I’m 92 and have had back pain for a long time.   Acupuncture helps keep the pain under control and keeps me going.  I feel so much better now and can walk for longer distances.  And not only my back feels better but my whole body!

Carmen M.

Thanks to Thia’s skills, I have been able to return to walking, swimming, and working out. She helped me to be pain free again. She also reminded me that it takes time to heal and to be patient with the process. I came to her with debilitating low back pain with numbness running down one leg and excruciating pain down the other with extreme difficulty in walking, and severe stiffness that had just gotten worse over a year.  I felt like if I moved I would break. Medical doctors only offered pain medication and surgery, neither of which I wanted.  After a few treatments with Thia I was able to finally stand up straight, the pain began to subside, and the stiffness brought on by arthritis became controllable. Thia is also great at giving referrals. She suggested a massage therapist that she thought would, also, help. With the combination of both I am finally back to where I can function in a normal manner, no longer taking pain medication, and I am excited about being able to refer Thia to anyone and everyone needing help with any aspect of their life. She is superb at what she does and not afraid of referring to other professionals for added assistance in healing the whole body. She takes time to listen and evaluate the process, adjust as needed, and work on every area of the body that needs assistance.  Thank you, Thia, for being there, providing education, and having the knowledge to patiently work to make my entire body whole and more fluid!

Rosie B.


I have a great deal of admiration and gratitude for Thia. She takes her time to know and understand you and your health concerns. I was having 4 – 5 asthma attacks a day. I now only have 1 a day. With every session, I have felt increasingly better and have a lot of hope for continuously improved health.

Maureen K.

Allergies and High Blood Pressure

Thank you for acupuncture Thia.  We are starting to see some encouraging results.  For example, I haven’t taken an antihistamine in over a month.  Although losing some weight is certainly a factor in my blood pressure improving,  I feel that the acupuncture also is a positive contributing factor.

Ken K.

Macular Degeneration

Thia is both skilled and wonderfully caring in her treatments. She has treated me for macular degeneration and shoulder/arm pain. Acupuncture has changed my life — being pain free is like a miracle. I go for regular eye checkups and the macular degeneration has not worsened. I always look forward to my acupuncture sessions as it helps me so much and I enjoy Thia as a person.

Pat W.

Sciatica Pain and Recovery from Hand Surgery for Trigger Finger

I have been a patient of Thia’s since she began her practice. She has helped me with lower back and sciatica pain, with nutritional advise and supplements, and with energy work.

Most amazing to me however was recently when I had hand surgery. Thia came to my home to give me a treatment. I couldn’t drive and was very spacey from the anesthesia and pain medication. Her treatment helped with pain and with healing and most certainly helped me get my bearings and an energy realignment that brought me back from that place they take you when you have surgery.

Thia cared enough to make a house call when she knew I needed it.

Sharon D.

Knee Pain

I visited Thia several times when I had bursitis on my knee from a sports injury. The problem had been bothering me for weeks, but after visiting Thia a few times and following her recommendations for self-care, my knee healed very quickly. Thia was knowledgeable, skilled, and caring in her approach, and I would recommend her as an acupuncturist in a heartbeat.

Joanna B.

Chronic Wrist Pain

I began seeing Thia more than a year ago for chronic wrist pain. She quickly identified core issues to explore and made helpful referrals to other healthcare practitioners.  Thia’s treatments have resulted in lasting reduction of my pain as well as improving my overall systemic well-being. Her care is thoughtful and patient centered. I have no reservations about referring her to my friends.

Carlie D.

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